Chicago Clergy step forward endorsing Bruce Rauner for Governor

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Dr. Willie Wilson, Chairman of the Chicago Baptist Institute International, led the press conference on Sept. 22 to show his support and endorse Bruce Rauner as Governor of Illinois. Several clergymen filed behind Dr. Wilson, at Mac Arthur’s Soul Food Restaurant on the west side of Chicago, in agreement.

The endorsing of Gubernatorial runner Bruce Rauner is not without its demands. Specific clergymen, Pastor Stephen Thurston and Pastor Corey Brooks, made it clear that they were not following blindly. There is an African American agenda that must be taken into consideration.

In response to various questions from individuals challenging his support of Bruce Rauner for Governor of Illinois, Dr. Wilson wrote an open letter, dated Sept. 18, to address his concerns.

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2012 American Community Survey, the median household income for Black Households is $32, 249, a mere 58% of total Illinois household’s income of $55,137.
  • The unemployment rate of African Americans is projected to be 13.9 compared to only 7.5 for the total Illinois population.
  • The poverty rate among all Black families 27.7% compared to 10.9% for total families.

“These disparities are very concerning; and they have actually gotten worse during [Pat] Quinn’s tenure!”

“Currently, Black-owned businesses account for less than 1% of total Illinois state contracts! Given my business background, and the economic disparities that exist for African Americans, one of the first things I queried Bruce about was what he had planned for improving Economic Development in the Black community,” explained Dr. Willie Wilson.

Dr. Willie Wilson and the other clergymen are determined to hold Bruce Rauner’s feet to the fire regarding the African American agenda. If you are not a registered voter in Illinois, the pressing disparities in the African American communities within Illinois should quicken your steps to become one. Oct. 7 is the cut off date to register in Illinois for the upcoming elections. Make your voice heard by using your right to vote.