Dr. Drai’s ‘Medical T’ tickled the ears of Chicago

To say the least, many faces of the attendees of Dr. Drai‘s “Medical T” Live Tour in Chicago turned various shades of red. In only a manner in which Dr. Drai can display, he served up some very strong tea. His “GYNIEGirls” “Gents” and “Preggos”, whom he affectionately nicknamed, sat on the edge of their seats in anticipation. At the Nouveau Tavern & Grill on Sept. 25, Dr. Drai schooled the crowd with intimate details.

No holds barred, Dr. Drai spilled all types of tea. Seriously, relationships suffer

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because intimacy has gone dry. Men and women work on two different wavelengths so in order for intimacy to be revived there must be communication. Matter of fact, before there is a lull in the intimacy department, each individual must be brave enough to talk about their wants and needs.

In Dr. Drai’s E-book “20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina”, he keeps it one hundred. Men go from zero to 60 in mere seconds, however it takes women more time to get revved up. This E-book gives specific details on where the pleasure zones on women are located. It also gives women advice on how keep their “V’jay jay” groomed and functioning at its pique. Download Dr. Drai’s E-book from his website and also find out the upcoming dates and cities for his “Medical T” Live Tour.