The Rance Allen Group on the top of their game with new album ‘Celebrate’

All Quartet enthusiasts get ready for Tyscot artist The Rance Allen Group‘s new album, “Celebrate” which includes their hit single “A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands),” due to be released on Nov. 10. For decades The Rance Allen Group has been one of the top Quartet groups around and this album is proof why they have been. Their sound is unmistakable.

One riff and grunt from the group’s lead singer, Rance Allen, and the crowd already knows it is about to go down. Followers of The Rance Allen Group will be pleasantly surprised at the group’s mix of new school and old school. In a recent interview in early September, Rance Allen mentioned that he was unafraid to collaborate with the younger generation. The exchange of ideas bridges the gap between both generations and makes for an overall better project.

The Rance Allen Group puts their best foot forward with the “Chi-town Steppers” sound on “Celebrate”. You’ll get your foot to tapping on the track “Sounds Like Rain” with its lead guitar riffs. Take a ride down memory lane while you listen to “U R Not Alone” reminiscent of the 70s The Rance Allen Group. “Through the Fire” encourages listeners to come out of their tests refined as pure gold.

Whatever your style, The Rance Allen Group has tapped into it all. This group continues to remain relevant without compromising their sound. “Celebrate” is one of those records that you will listen to for years to come because of the timelessness of the sound. Just in time for Sunday morning service, listeners can download the new album on iTunes and purchase a physical copy in their nearest music store. For those diehard followers, you can be apart of their video for the single  “A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands)”. Visit Tyscot’s website for details. Submissions end Wednesday, Oct. 8.