‘Champions’: Five V Men, five voices, one sound

New contemporary Gospel male group Five V Men (MBM Entertainment Group) burst on the scene, Tuesday, Oct. 21, with one of the best albums of 2014. Gospel music legends Doug and Melvin Williams, Wess Morgan, Shawn McLemore and R & B crooner Christopher Williams have banded together to create a sound of melodious harmony. Under the direction of multi-award winning super producer Stan Jones, Five V Men’s album is a mix of varied styles to please the followers of each member.

Individually, each artist have garnered accolades and/or awards proving their staying power in the music industry is as relevant today as when they began. What is amazing is that the texture and style of each artist is unique, however together congeals. Listeners will love the vibe of Five V Men.

August 2014, the group released encouraging ballad “Champion” for the airwaves to rave reviews. Uplifting and lyrically sound, “Champion” demonstrated the overall mesh of vocals to be the tone of the album. Stan Jones has masterminded a well produced project. For over six months, Stan, Melvin and Doug have worked tirelessly and meticulously to pour into this album their hearts and souls.

From track one to the last, listeners will hear funky grooves, smooth ballads and memorable lyrics with the message of God clear. These men are “Champions.” Download Five V Men’s full album on CDBaby and purchase the physical copy at your local WalMart.