Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective steps on the pulse of Soul Music with new album ‘Sol Genetics’

Chicago has always been known for great music. Many artists have come from obscurity into the limelight on the underground music scene. Dave Hollister, R. Kelly, Carl Thomas, Common and Jennifer Hudson, to name some, have their musical roots in Chicago and Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective are among them.

Their sound is tight and musicianship on lock. The Sol Collective consists of lead singer Aniba Hotep, background vocalists: Caress Sahura and Neri Ma’at, band members: Harry Hunt Jr. (Violin/Acoustic Guitar), Aum Mu Ra El (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Isaiah Sharkey (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), William Baggett (Bass), Nathional Warren (Keys), Anthony Stephens Jr. (Drums) Troni Johnson (Percussion). Their music is a throwback to the R&B/Soul artists of the 70s leading listeners through a time machine to the future of Soul music.

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Friday, Oct. 10, Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective release their album “Sol Genetics” to a standing room only crowd at Wire, located in Berwyn, IL. While the audience feasted on delectables, the ladies’ vocals teased the ears and their moves tantalized. Those in attendance swooned and vibed out to the bands hypnotic sound. This group is well-known for their stage presence and performances. It was a night to remember.

The selection of songs for the evening ranged from some of Sol Collective’s old hits, remixes of familiar songs and brand new music. Their new album “Sol Genetics” reflects the experience had. To purchase Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective’s new project, visit their website. Follow the group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date information on their upcoming appearances and concerts.