Congressman Danny K. Davis addresses the concerns of the community

In the wake of the 2014 Illinois Gubernatorial election, many are concerned with issues that effect their everyday lives. In particular, African Americans want to know what position politicians take on violence, police brutality, healthcare, etc. and their actions toward resolutions. Congressman Danny K. Davis candidly expresses his views on those concerns in an interview Monday, Oct. 27.

Danny K. Davis has filled the position of Representative of the 7th Congressional District of Illinois since January 1997. Congressman Danny K. Davis, a Democrat, has made it his business to take the concerns of his constituents to heart and make headway to see them addressed in Springfield. In his distinctive booming bass voice, Congressman Danny K. Davis makes it very clear his position and in no way does he apologize for his viewpoint.

Because of the mandate to have healthcare coverage, Congressman Danny K. Davis solicits individuals to take advantage of this opportunity. Before the mandate, Illinois had always been known to service those in need of care without insurance. Under the new initiative, those who are unable to pay for insurance, they are able to apply for Medicaid.

Two of the hot topics of discussion have been violence in the African American communities and Police brutality, especially in the aftermath of the outcry in Ferguson, Missouri. “The role of law enforcement is to serve and protect. Their job is not to determine whether or not individuals are being respectful. Their job is to uphold the law and to treat everybody with dignity and respect. It’s not even to determine whether someone is innocent or guilty. All that they can do is interfere if they feel if somebody is actually breaking the law, but it’s really left up to a Judge or [the] court system, the Judiciary, to determine if the individual did in fact break the law and what their punishment should be for that. Policemen can’t be law enforcement, judge, jury [and] executioner, and some of them sometimes try that, but, of course, not all them. I have a healthy respect for the law, but I also have a healthy respect for the rights of individual citizens,” explained Congressman Danny K. Davis.

The 2014 Illinois Gubernatorial Election will take place on Nov. 4. Congressman Davis urges Illinois citizens to vote. He doesn’t persuade individuals to vote Democratic or Republican necessarily. He want constituents to make an informed decision and choose the candidate that represent their views. Congressman Danny K. Davis expressed,¬†“I don’t think they should vote for Pat Quinn. I think they should vote for themselves. We have to make a decision. We can’t wait in the cut and not do something. And if I had to do something, considering the two individuals running for Governor, than of course, Pat Quinn is my guy. I know him.”

Our decisions as individuals should not be based on those who may have the most influence or the support of influential people. Our concerns must be heard and whomever is the best person to verbalize those issues and have them addressed should be in office. Regardless of the issues at hand, we should be part of the solution and not the problem. Congressman Danny K. Davis echoes these sentiments as he said, “If it’s to be; let it begin with me.” For those who have yet to register, Illinois has extended registration up to the time of voting. Visit the State Board of Elections for more information on grace period registration.