Chosen: Living the life they sing about

A family oriented group out of St. Petersburg, FL, two siblings and two friends come together to bring back good ol’ church group “sangin'”. Humbled and willing to give God their all, Chosen is determined to have their lives and music on the same page. Thus, their testimony in song and new single “We Won’t Hold Back“. Fresh from the Dove Awards, in Nashville, TN, Chosen shares their group’s vision.

Go back a couple of decades, before the “Praise & Worship” teams, you had groups that would travel around from church to church just loving the Lord and singing their hearts out. Well, Chosen’s sound is reminiscent to those times. Listening to their new single “We Won’t Hold Back”, you will immediately be transported to sitting in church on Youth Service Night in anticipation to God’s outpouring through song.

[photo courtesy of Chosen; used with permission]
[photo courtesy of Chosen; used with permission]
This young group mixes the traditional “churchy”, hymns and contemporary sounds together to create their sound. “We thank God… he gave us versatility. Even on our song, “We Won’t Hold Back”, it starts out with a smooth more modernized sound and then before you know it, we’re doing “Praise God” in the tune of “Amazing Grace” in the middle of the song. It’s because of where we come from that we are able to transition. Regardless of the crowd that we minister to, we can minister to the young people. We can minister to the more seasoned crowd. And we just thank God for that. He gave us versatility.”

Chosen was well-received during their time in Nashville for the Dove Awards festivities. To encouraging accolades, they were asked to return for more ministry opportunities. Chosen performed on “Bobby Jones Presents” and look forward to where God is leading them. Download their single “We Won’t Hold Back” on iTunes and other digital outlets. Keep a look out for their new project to be released soon.