Deitrick Haddon and Michelle Williams fixing choirs or attitudes on Oxygen’s new reality show?

Oxygen Media’s new reality series “Fix My Choir” aired the first episode of season one Wednesday, Nov. 5. Famed multi-award winner Gospel music singer and Preachers of L.A. cast member, Deitrick Haddon, tackles keeping harmony within choirs with multi-award winning R&B group Destiny’s Child former member turned Gospel music singer, Michelle Williams. With one episode under their belt, will viewers see more attitude fixing or choirs actually being made better?

Deitrick Haddon reprising his choir League of Xtraordinary Worshippers’ new album, released in April 2014, with a new reality series resuscitating choirs. Michelle Williams brings her expertise of singing with R&B super girl group Destiny’s Child. With both of their music industry know-how combined, choirs are able to tap into great wisdom that is rarely accessible from such high-profile individuals.

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From the beginning there was drama. Perhaps, at the source of the problem, the ego of the choir to be fixed is the fact they were the winners of How Sweet The Sound, an annual national choir competition. It goes without saying, but will be said, some people are not able to handle that level of success. If you ask the average church-goer or gospel music enthusiast, they probably wouldn’t know that they were a choir from New Orleans, HPC Choir, under the leadership of hurricane Katrina survivor Joshua Kagler.

Attitudes flared, and choir members completely out of God’s order, displayed such disrespect for Deitrick and Michelle. It was not only because of their veteran status in the music/entertainment industry, but the blatant disrespect of Deitrick’s and Michelle’s age and music knowledge. Really? The one young lady, with the fluorescent colored hair, totally allowed her mouth to be opened wide enough to fit both feet. Regardless of how she may have felt about the situation at hand, her choir director requested for his choir to be fixed, which warranted Haddon’s and Williams’ input. As soon as she opened her mouth to get started, the director, Joshua Kagler, should have had foresight. That situation showed his lack of control over his choir. More than likely, that was not the first time that same young lady has decided to “go off”.

The backbone of choir decorum is respect. Respect between choir member and director. Respect between fellow choir members. If there is a breakdown of respect, then everything else is soon to follow. Some people want to be apart of the mass success of the choir, however those same people will be consistently late to rehearsals, not know their parts, continuously disrupting rehearsals when they are there and refuse to conform to the choir rules and regulations.

There is more to a choir than choir robes and solo spots. Attitudes must be checked at the church door. When one person in the choir succeeds, they all succeed and vice versa. Viewers will definitely see in the coming weeks and be able to answer the question, Fix My Choir or nah?


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  1. Oh and I faggot to say I like Michelle Williams on the show. She brings class and more class. I appreciate that every day! Yessss


  2. Dis is good fa da shoo. Day nede a role model four thay shoo. You writing on Dat good good. Thank you fa touching on the subject. I’m a writer to. I plan on writing for the New York Times. The choir could sing buy day nede unity. Praise god.


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