Dana Divine: Her gift, her Lord and her desire to remain true to herself

On top of her game, Dana Divine was the Gospel House Music Diva in the early 2000s. Her hot dance track “Gospel Slide” hit the airwaves and Dana was the “it girl” for getting crowds out of their seats in Jesus’ name. As in anything, there were critics and naysayers, however she stayed true to who she was musically. In a recent interview, Dana Divine talked about her music and being a cancer survivor.

Dana is not new to the music game; she is true to it. Her flavor and “home girl” persona is reflected in her songs. Coming from a dance music background, Dana was widely known for writing the classic House music anthem “Brighter Days” and in that vein she continued. Being a Christian, Dana knew about the ways of the Lord. She remembered the statement, “You will never have any success until you start working for the Lord.” During that moment in time, on one of her many walks through Washington Park (which she loved to do) God blessed her with the idea of the “Gospel Slide.” Dana credits the Lord for the writing of that song saying, “he wrote that.”

Despite radio and industry people trying to figure out what direction she was heading into doing Gospel music, Dana determined that she would stay in her lane. She carved a niche out for herself with Gospel House Music. Her first Gospel album “A Nu Language“, released July 2004, ¬†was laced with funky urban beats, catchy dance tunes and her heart for God on every track lyrically.

While following up her highly successful first album with her sophomore project “Lifeline” (released January 2009), she recalls getting the diagnosis of breast cancer. Dana’s father was going through illness at the time and then this came knocking the wind out of her. She decided in the middle of ¬†releasing her second project to take a break to focus on her treatment and recovery. “[Lifeline] has a very special place because I know that all the songs [were] written before I had a breast cancer diagnosis. So, when I listen to the words, [they] take me there,” reflects Dana.

Since the release of her sophomore album and recovery, Dana has busied herself working in television, an on-air Radio Personality on WGCI and supporting various organizations. She is a strong advocate for education. She has continued to write and collaborate, however she believes that she is ready to release a new CD.

Life may bring an array of circumstances that seem as if they would destroy us, but know that “trouble don’t last always.” Your setback is a set up to be even more blessed in the future. Keep your head up and continue to operate in your God-given gift. Some may not understand, and you may not know, but know this, God is up to something on your behalf.

“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” (Proverbs 18:16 KJV) In an ever evolving Gospel music industry, there is still room for Dana Divine’s style. Her lane is wide open and waiting for her return.