Don’t give up!

As I titled this post, I chuckled. It is funny to verbalize some things that you have already known, but to finally say it makes you laugh. Sometimes to speak those things out loud brings clarity or finality.

Living inside my head, I’ve probably had several lifetimes. Seriously, the wisdom gained from experiences and just sitting back watching others, I’m grateful to have had these opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, they have not all been good experiences, however they were lessons. The saying goes something like, “There’s nothing like bought sense”. I do say, I wished I had bought some sense at times.

I reflect on the song, melodiously sung by the late Whitney Houston, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”. There were times I didn’t know that I would come through certain situations, but God was my helper. This is why, looking back, I’m grateful. I know it wasn’t my strength. I would have crumbled under the pressure.

As I’m writing this post, sitting in my favorite spot in Starbucks and drinking on one of my favorite drinks, I say to those of you reading this to not give up. Hold on to that little thread of hope seemingly slipping through your fingers. Know that what may appear to be the end is just the beginning. You can’t give up. You have to see what’s right around the corner. It’s much better than where you are now. You have to believe this. Without faith in God, however small it might have been at times, I held on despite what I saw and felt. If it still seems that that’s not enough, I need you to find something, whether present or past, that was a source of happiness, peace, calm or joy to fix your mind on. Think on it when times are hard and there is no one around to lean on.

Be encouraged. It gets better.


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