Why Should His Maturity Matter in Your Relationship?

For some reason this morning, I had a consistent idea on my mind. How does emotional maturity influence a gentleman’s perspective on relationships?Emotional maturity is a process that a guy can either embrace with open arms, or he can view it as an assault on everything he’s ever known about himself and others. With the latter point of view, he’ll reject the journey of discovering his maturation with every fiber of his existence.

If a guy chooses the latter, I will make a reasonable deduction that his romantic and platonic relationships will suffer. Why do I say this? I believe your perspective before welcoming maturity is like viewing the world through foggy glasses. You still have the ability to see things around you, but the environment is obstructed due to the cloudiness caused by moisture in your glasses.

Why is such a perspective damaging? In this situation, you can only see a limited view of the world. In other words, what you think you see is but a fragment of what’s really before your eyes.

Through the lens of an emotionally immature perspective, you’re unlikely to take the feelings of other individuals into consideration, with the same weight of importance that you place on your feelings.  I may hear that cheating is wrong, but in my mind, the pain of my partner is inconsequential if compared to the benefits, which I experience while going astray.

I may hear that a guy should respect the opinion of his partner, but in my mind, my opinion is always more valuable. This is the world through an immature lens, but what happens when you remove the foggy glasses and begin seeing the world with clarity?

Through the lens of emotional maturity, the individual is likely to have concern for the emotional well-being of other individuals. For this individual, the temporary pleasure of going astray doesn’t compare to the pain of one’s betrayal. Therefore, cheating doesn’t become a viable solution in the relationship.

Through the lens of emotional maturity, you may hear from elders that your partner’s opinion should have validity. When you see the world as a collection of different perspectives, you have no issue understanding that your opinion shouldn’t hold more weight than your partner’s opinion. Instead, you realize that in a partnership, both members should compromise for the betterment of the relationship.

When a guy experiences an evolution in his maturity, he goes from seeing the world through his perspective alone, to finally realizing that the world is much larger than his point of view. Until this process occurs, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever experience a healthy relationship with anyone, especially with himself.