What does a Man want from you in the long-Term?

The first thing that may come to mind for a number of individuals is sexual gratification. If you removed the last four words in the title, you’d be correct. Studies show that males on average think about sex, more often than their female counterparts.

However, my question has a key component that seems foreign in the way, which females misunderstand the emotional dynamic of the average male. You’ll only focus on the first portion of the question, but overlook the question in its entirety. In other words, if you think sex is what he wants from you in the long-term, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

In my previous post touching on the importance of his emotional maturity in the relationship, time and reflection will teach him that there’s an entire world awaiting him, behind his sexual desires.

When a guy hasn’t yet discovered himself through the journey of his emotional evolution, sex is what he finds most important about you. In my opinion, some may even view sex as the only thing that you have of value.

However, through self-reflection, he learns that sex is only part of your relationship dynamic. Sex is what he wants and can have for the night, but what he truly wants in the long-term goes far beyond the bedroom.

There are countless things that come to mind, but I’ll briefly touch on two. First, he wants your companionship. Yes, you might be his girlfriend or wife, but you must be his friend first and always. In my opinion, his girlfriend or wife is his best friend.

Secondly, he wants your support. In my experience, some women and girls don’t understand the important role that they play, when it involves supporting their partner’s goals and objectives. When you believe in him, you add another layer in his life where he can believe that anything is possible.

What does he want from you in the long-term? Sex is important, but he can receive that on any given night from anyone. What does a man truly want? He wants you. The sooner you begin to understand this, the healthier your interaction with him becomes.