Do men consider commitment important in a relationship?

To answer the crucial question involving a man’s commitment to you, the response will depend entirely on your expectations. In other words, you play a role in determining the answer to this question. How important of a role do you play?

Your role is actually significant. Regardless if he’s emotionally mature or immature, you lay the groundwork for how a man can and will treat you. What does this mean? If you’re unconcerned about having someone’s romantic commitment and you make this vocally clear, you have a greater probability of attracting partners with a similar mindset.

Therefore, these potential partners will treat you in a noncommittal fashion. However, what happens if you view commitment as a priority? What happens in a situation where you make your expectations clear, involving the important role of someone’s romantic commitment?

In this scenario, you’re likely to attract and maintain the long-term interest of suitors with a similar mindset. What does all this mean? The extent of his commitment will depend on your communication, and whether you clearly convey your expectations from the onset.

If you convey your feelings on the commitment that you expect from a man, he’s far more likely to adhere to the standard behaviour presented. The key in this sentence is clear communication. If you require his commitment, but you refuse to make your expectations clear, this man is far more likely to set the blueprint going forward. Usually, it’s not in your best interest to allow someone else, to dictate how you should be treated.

Is his commitment to you and your connection important? Well, it depends. If you make it important, it will be important to him. If you don’t make commitment a priority to him, he’s less likely to view commitment as a requirement. If something is essential to you and you convey its importance, a man is far more likely to understand its significance.