Shall we dance?

He approaches me with a grin that is very common on men who are on the prowl. I make a quick decision to entertain him or dismiss the assumed immature pick up line that is soon to follow. It truly amazes me how men in today’s society are completely lacking tact and romance. No brain power or kind efforts are even delivered in most initial approaches. Have women really single-handedly created these monsters?

Some women are lonely and tend to settle for anything men throw their way. Back in the day, women wore their dignity proudly. Today, women are more concerned with “fleeking” out their makeup and weaving it up to gain the most “likes” and whistles. To be honest it appears these women can care less from where the attention comes, just as long as it comes. So they dance and entertain random fools because they are bored or lonely.

There is nothing wrong with being lonely. I myself get lonely at times and find myself entertaining men that are not deserving of my time or energy. The danger in this is cultivating this in your daily life. Dancing with a fool for too long will lead you down a road of disaster and unhappiness. Dancing with a fool may also distract you from accepting a dance from a prince.

We are not doomed if we find ourselves dancing along side the wrong partner. Just don’t stay on the same beat. Quickly change partners even if that partner is yourself. It is ok to be alone. In this time you are exposed to the different layers of yourself. You become more in tune to who you are and what you need versus what you want. Earlier I stated it is ok if you have entertained fools, because there is a lesson to be learned from it. That lesson is usually created to teach you not to settle and introduce you to your worth. Be wise and flow with the process, don’t fight it and get off beat. The best dance is often one that is most emotional and uniquely performed.

So back to this grinning cat who approached me. He walks over to me and asks me to move over. I was blocking his view. The nerve of him!

Should you be interested in his relationship perspective?

As I look back on my life and my peers, I’ve realized that a guy’s emotional perspective for romantic relationships follow three main paths. On the first road, he may choose to be a pushover or someone’s doormat.

In this scenario, he removes all remnants of his identity, as a way to appease a love interest. He feels this is what people want in the dating pool, so he figuratively removes his spine and politely places it inside your purse. In my experience, I haven’t encountered a woman or girl who actually finds this perspective appealing.

On the second road, you have what many call a dog. This individual is the opposite of a pushover because with him, he’s entirely out for his own benefit. He’s uninterested in your likes and dislikes because in his mind, everything appears insignificant to his wellbeing. He’s the kind of guy you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.

We then get to the third route. In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult aspects within the human experience. This is where the guy is able to find a balance of sorts, when it involves his relationship perspective. It requires a heightened degree of maturation. After all, it’s a daily process that’ll remain throughout his entire lifetime.

In my opinion, life is about finding a balance. It took me a long time to make this realization. Some guys want to be a dog or a pushover, and that’s their prerogative. I hope they’ll evolve of course, but this is the way of the world. Some people will remain set in their ways regardless of the repercussions surrounding their actions.

It’s easy to fall on opposite ends of any spectrum, but the key and difficulty will arrive upon embracing one’s balance. I’ve been around enough guys to pinpoint the culprit, where a guy will swing to one side of this relationship spectrum, as opposed to figuring out the possibility of a balance.

In my opinion, it comes down to a lack of positive male mentors. We can debate this until the cows come home. However, when a boy learns and takes on the destructive ideas of a male that he wants to emulate, it usually becomes part of his consciousness.

It’s quite difficult to erase this conditioning, but it isn’t impossible. From the onset of the relationship, please be vigilant in understanding which of the three main paths he has decided to follow.

Is It Your Imagination, or Is He Really into You?

When you prepare a meal for someone, or commemorate a special occasion over dinner at a restaurant, how are you able to determine if this person is enjoying the meal?

Perhaps it’s the way that his or her face lights up with each bite. Perhaps you listen to the positive sounds, which we’ll convey while experiencing something pleasurable.

You can also tell by how quickly the food disappears. Sometimes, it occurs simply with “this tastes incredible.” Sometimes, it’s direct. However, it may also appear through indirect signals. Depending on the guy and the nature of your relationship, his interest will occur in a similar fashion for you.

At times, it’s simply the way that he looks at you. In that moment, he wouldn’t even notice a spacecraft hovering from behind. He’s too wrapped up in your aura to notice. Other times, it’s his ability to find time to share with you, even when you know that he has a million other things on his plate.

It could be the way that he commits to his words. He won’t just say that he feels this way, or that he’s going to do this for you. He likes to validate his words with actions.

It could be his willingness to convey how he feels about you in public, without feeling concerned about what anyone else thinks about his vocal expression of admiration.

It may even occur when he introduces you as his girlfriend, to his friends and family without having any hesitation. It could occur through his sense of shyness, whenever you seem to enter his line of sight.

These are merely some of the ways to know if he’s into you. If you have to force yourself to believe that he is, or make up explanations for an imaginary admiration, the likelihood is that he isn’t into you.

Whether he’s emotionally mature or immature, there are many ways that a guy will show that he’s interested.

Should Manning retire after Potus tweet?

The score was relatively close up until the end of the 3rd quarter. It could have been anybody’s game. This is where the separation comes in. Who wants the win more? Apparently, the Denver Broncos did. Peyton Manning with the help of his colleagues took the Championship. Now, will Manning take his final bow after such a glorious season?

The atmosphere was abuzz with the anticipation of a smackdown of a game between the Panthers and the Broncos. There was also the question of Peyton Manning’s retirement hanging from everyone’s lips. Who remains standing at the end of this game will perhaps predict if Manning will hang up his cleats or not.

Capitalizing on Cam Newton’s mistakes, Manning and team breezed passed with the win. Cam_Newton_SB50_quoteThe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell presented the Lombardi Trophy to the Broncos, but no real word on Manning’s status. “If this is his last rodeo it’s been a great ride,” Goodell said according to Mike Klis, 9News Reporter. “We thank him for that. It’s been extraordinary performances. What a man. I think he should go out on his own terms. That’s his decision.”

Peyton Manning did not make viewers anymore settled with his response to the Sportcaster’s questioning while accepting the Lombardi Trophy. It seems as if Manning may be leaning towards staying in the league. It is unclear. But after the President of the United States congratulates you in an official tweet, it would make you think that there could be more.

Potus_Tweet_SB50Perhaps, Manning could be questioning himself. If he retires now, what if there are more glory days still left in him? This could be the male psyche playing with his emotions, but whatever it may be that could be keeping him from being forthcoming about his plans has to be something really good.

Well, after the last note of the Star Bangled Banner was sung, the  halftime festivities silenced and the last piece of confetti has been swept from the field, we are still waiting to  hear Peyton Manning’s final decision. It would be great to see a continuation of the 2015-2016 season, but if it must be the end it was great ending to successful season and career. Best wishes to him and his team members.

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