Is It Your Imagination, or Is He Really into You?

When you prepare a meal for someone, or commemorate a special occasion over dinner at a restaurant, how are you able to determine if this person is enjoying the meal?

Perhaps it’s the way that his or her face lights up with each bite. Perhaps you listen to the positive sounds, which we’ll convey while experiencing something pleasurable.

You can also tell by how quickly the food disappears. Sometimes, it occurs simply with “this tastes incredible.” Sometimes, it’s direct. However, it may also appear through indirect signals. Depending on the guy and the nature of your relationship, his interest will occur in a similar fashion for you.

At times, it’s simply the way that he looks at you. In that moment, he wouldn’t even notice a spacecraft hovering from behind. He’s too wrapped up in your aura to notice. Other times, it’s his ability to find time to share with you, even when you know that he has a million other things on his plate.

It could be the way that he commits to his words. He won’t just say that he feels this way, or that he’s going to do this for you. He likes to validate his words with actions.

It could be his willingness to convey how he feels about you in public, without feeling concerned about what anyone else thinks about his vocal expression of admiration.

It may even occur when he introduces you as his girlfriend, to his friends and family without having any hesitation. It could occur through his sense of shyness, whenever you seem to enter his line of sight.

These are merely some of the ways to know if he’s into you. If you have to force yourself to believe that he is, or make up explanations for an imaginary admiration, the likelihood is that he isn’t into you.

Whether he’s emotionally mature or immature, there are many ways that a guy will show that he’s interested.