You Should Be More than Just a Beautiful Face

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced several phases of attraction. For instance, I was quite smitten by older women. Some of the most well-known names include Angela Bassett, Gina Torres, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Selma Hayek, Nia Long, Michael Michele, and Lucy Liu.

Halle Berry’s name seems to be on everyone’s list, when the discussion involves attractive female celebrities. Yet, there’s a consistent question people ask about certain celebrity women, due to the nature of their romantic relationships.

“Why would any guy mess up a relationship with someone so attractive?” Pause right there, and think about the question for a moment. A relationship has many variables, but the only one being discussed is physical beauty.

I want to share something in today’s post, which you can reject or reflect on. Try not to focus entirely on this notion of being hot, attractive, sexy, etc. This part of you is a given.

What does this mean? You already know that first impressions are usually based on what people can see, in their decision to determine if they’re attracted to someone or not.

Although I can admit that physical appearance has a role to play in a relationship, I believe too much focus is placed on physicality sometimes. In doing so, you may undermine other key elements that are better representations, in determining the success of a long-term and blissful relationship.

Countless men are physically attracted to Ms. Berry, but she has yet to have a successful relationship. What can this tell you? You can be one of the most physically desired women on the planet, but that alone isn’t enough. There are countless magazines and books telling you how to catch a man, by grabbing his physical attention.

How many of these formats are helping you keep one? You don’t need an expert to tell you that males are visual creatures, and think about sex more than females on average.

Yet, this is what they keep feeding you. Through this conditioning where it emphasizes being physically stunning, many of you will remain relationship malnourished. Why?

It’s not immensely difficult to catch his visual attention. However, it requires something extra on your part, if the goal is to hold his attention beyond sexual stimulation. These formats should focus more on building your personality, how to communicate more effectively, or how to see beyond your perspective in a relationship.

An emotionally mature man will need more than a pretty face, if his objective involves a long-term outlook with you. Always keep in mind that there’s more to you than physical appearance.