“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you will become.”
~Shanna D Gregor

I have a physical disability. It’s the kind that if you saw me sitting (presumably not in my wheelchair) you wouldn’t think that there’s anything wrong with me. It started rather gradually and then became aggressive, robbing me of mobility, mental clarity and eventually a job that I loved. I’ve had several years of therapy, many prayers prayed over me, rest and attempts to live a low-stress lifestyle that have contributed to my current level of health. I’m blessed.

I’m well-acquainted with change. My life changed drastically when my health declined. Initially, I was in school; would power-walk 2 miles every morning; managed a small business; ran errands for the family; did housework, attended church services; sang, spent time with friends; etc. Over time, I became too weak to talk, walk, or sit up more than five minutes. I would say to myself “its not supposed to be like this”. I couldn’t accept how different life had become. Every day was a drudgery. But once again, over time, I experienced a change, when I allowed God to start working on my mind-set, my situation didn’t change; but I did.

Fast forwarding to today, I realize that my life change allowed me to become the woman that I am. I’m not perfect and I face a lot of discouragement; but, I am strong, capable and focused. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As hard as life has been, it has matured me. I can say as Marvin Sapp sings, “I’m stronger. I’m wiser. I’m better so much better. I made it” because God held my hand. Every day, I have to work to surrender how I think things should be in order to embrace what they are. In doing so, I’ve discovered that beauty can definitely be found in the ugliest of circumstances and that the Bible is so true. “He has made everything beautiful in his time…” Ecclesiastes 3:11a

You may not be disabled but you have experienced change just the same. You know heartbreak and disappointment. You understand what it means to watch your whole world crash or implode in front of your eyes. You’ve suffered loss. But I’d like to challenge you to embrace the difficulty and how uncomfortable life is. Remember, that in order for you to evolve you have to experience a change. Successful, happy, fulfilled people aren’t stagnant. If you want to move forward, get ready to experience pain. If you want to be better, be stronger, then expect resistance.

I promise you that if you’d trust the process, you won’t be disappointed. It will take time. You will be frustrated at times and, more than likely, you will cry. But there is always strength on the other side of opposition. There is always a transformation possible where there is change. Get out of your comfort zone. Resist the fear that you feel. Stand firm on faith in God and faith in yourself. Go forward and conquer! Watch life’s challenges and changes mold you and your life into a beautiful masterpiece.

Hope Always,