Refusing to Give Up

Life is crazy! It’s baffling how it can change, literally, in a moment. Disaster, hurt, sickness, unemployment and even loss of loved ones. However, just as quickly there can come hope, healing, strength, security and opportunities to form amazing new relationships. It’s all about sticking it out; staying around; and waiting for the good stuff!

I consider myself to have suffered some loss; but when I look at the bigger picture, there’s been much more gain! I have lost unrealistic expectations and have gained a clear vision of what matters most. I have lost the artificial appeal of easily-attained happiness and have gained depths of joy from my triumphs. I have lost loved ones that meant the world to me and have gained the opportunity to see the strength they had sown into me blossom under the care of the almighty God. I have lost the nice, neat packaging of how I thought life should be presented and have gained the beauty of the unexpected. There are many other examples I could use to further explain my sense of the loss and found throughout my life. What matters most is that I have found the willingness, through the grace of God, to push beyond the loss.

So many times, it was as if I could envision myself throwing my hands up, refusing to go a step further, and walking away from whatever challenge that had me overwhelmed. But it was in these moments, or rather my refusal to give up in these moments, that I felt a longing – a driving force even – to hold on and push further. Because I refuse to give up, my vision and mindset have changed for the better. Although I have not arrived; I like the direction I’m headed in.

I see a need to push myself out of my comfort zone and excel in ways I feel I’m incapable. I see a need to use the lessons my pain and sadness have taught me to touch lives. Not every moment of my life has been happy. Many moments in the last few years have been miserable; but I’m interested in more than living moment to moment. I want the maturity and insight that only the struggle can give. I want to appreciate every gift life brings my way instead of viewing it as the arrival of something owed to me.

I like the idea of being able to relate to others. What kind of friend, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, mentor etc., would I be if I could not comprehend the basic human struggle? What audience could I positively impact? It’s common that as human beings, we don’t want to go through any hardship. But if we don’t face hardship, how can we understand or even recognize convenience? Without failure how do we appreciate success? Without feeling lost and overwhelmed, how do we experience the highs of relief when the clarity of our path is revealed? This is why you must refuse to give up. I’m rooting for you and it’s my prayer that you would root for yourself, too.

Until Next Time,