What Is Love, Anyway?!

“While some long for an introduction, others take its acquaintance lightly. Love desires to be known and be recognized. However, just as it will never hide, it will never demand our attention. Love waits patiently for an opportunity to enter our lives and shine its light.”

-Melissa E. Hall

Love isn’t designed to be complicated. It isn’t a maze. Either it exists or it doesn’t. Love is kind, gentle, lifts up, celebrates goodness, gives, listens to,  corrects, offers hope, is patient, never hides but seeks to show itself. Love isn’t pretty words; it’s action that will never cause or allow intentional abuse. Love won’t selfishly take, always asking for more and giving little to nothing in return. It won’t leave you empty, but rather, it fills.

Our experiences with love vary, I know, making our perception of it different. My expectations for love began to be formed when I was a little girl; but from that point to this day, they have been changed, rearranged, questioned, changed again and now simplified. I’ve come to realize that love is. It just is. It can’t be fabricated. Imitated, yes; but true love shines and exudes such a calm, peacefulness. It doesn’t demand and it doesn’t force itself on you. Love is so soft yet powerful. It strengthens and transforms.

My heart has been broken before but not by love. It was broken by selfishness, arrogance and pride that wore a mask, attempting to look like love. I’d once given up on love when it was innocent. I blamed my scars on my faith in love when love wasn’t even the blame. My experience with the unloving has taught me what love is. For that, I’m grateful. As I push beyond my hurt, giving love an opportunity to introduce itself to me, I discover how little I know about it and how much more it has to teach me. I’m enjoying the journey.

So, what is love? It’s life, learning, discovery and hope. It’s a journey that uplights, heals and replenishes. It’s faith in goodness. It’s patience, understanding and sacrifice. Never hasty, manipulative or possessive but liberating. Love is real and it’s amazing! Are you ready for it?


Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net