Himalayan Pink Salt: from bath to kitchen

Being on a mission to eat and treat my body better, I research many ideas for cooking healthier meals.  One of my quests is to find multiple use products and ingredients. In the past few years, Himalayan Pink Salt products have gained mainstream notoriety due to the major benefits it can provide to the human body.

Himalayan Pink Salt is said to be salt at its purest form due to there being no changes to its composition when harvested.


The fact that regular table salt has been chemically altered with anti-clumping agents and additives that strip the important elements from the salt is shocking. Himalayan pink salt is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It also contains traces of fluoride, iodine, zinc, and copper just to name a few. Due to many horror stories regarding low-sodium and sodium-free diets, many people shy away from this important component of our diets. However using Himalayan pink salt can replace the regular salt in a much healthier way.


The Benefits


  • Helps manage the water content throughout your body.
  • Promote healthy pH balance in your cells (acidity/alkalinity).
  • Aides blood sugar health and can help reduce the signs of aging.
  • Assist in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.
  • Helps regulate better digestion with absorption for food particles.
  • Supports respiratory and sinus health
  • Regulate your blood pressure
  • Prevent of muscle cramps
  • Promote bone strength
  • Regulate your sleep
  • Encourages a healthy libido
  • Promote vascular health


The many uses for Himalayan Pink Salt

Cooking- Himalayan Salt can completely replace commercial salt in seasoning your meals. The salt is also sold in larger pieces or slab to which food can be served on.

Bathing- The properties of the Pink Salt can elevate your bath to a detoxing, relaxing experience akin to using Epsom Salt but with more nutrients replenished in the body as the toxins are drawn out.

Air Pollution- There are a variety of salt lamps available to help reduce toxins in your air at home.

Try it for yourself
We all know the effects of consuming too much commercial salt. Most of the snacks and fast foods that are sold are encased to salts that have no healthy return. Try incorporating the Himalayan Salt into your regime to season food during cooking. And as with anything you consume, moderation is key.

Be inspired, try new things, live well.

This article was originally posted on millimiracle.com