You have the power

For me, surviving has been an ongoing process that involves choice, honesty, hope and a support system. With every step of being a survivor, I accrue more strength and determination. I’d like to remind you that we have so much power and influence over the type of life we live. Controlling the way we think and shifting from a mindset of focusing on problems to one of discovering and creating solutions is a powerful choice. It’s one we have to choose continually. You have the ability to choose a life and character that is built and made stronger by your struggles and obstacles.

As you go throughout your days and are aware of the difficulties that you face, train yourself to live outside of the difficulty. Find things to smile about. Make time for the activities and people you enjoy. Reach out to others and pour positivity into their lives. It’s these things that will help you survive and then thrive even when your life is far from what you think it should be. Remember, you’ve got this.