God and good friends

I am not thrilled with my new driver’s license photo. However, I noticed a difference in my smiles. The photo on the right was taken in 2013. That morning I cried my eyes out. I was not happy and I was distraught in my current situation. Life was crazy and I did not want to take another breath. I was beyond done with life. But through God’s grace and mercy, He blessed me with dear girlfriends that are tried and true. They were there through each and every step. No matter the the day or time they were there with an encouraging scripture and sometimes they cried beside me. One friend even flew in town to console me. What a blessing to have selfless God-fearing friends. God placed them in my life as a gift, a great incomparable blessing.

My new license photo (on the left), the smile is not forced. A smile straight from my new heart. I am no longer broken. I am healed. We all go through seasons of what seems like death. But one thing is certain, those seasons produce new life. A new and abundant joy a stronger faith, a deeper relationship with God, a new look, a new heart and new love. My God! I never thought I would make it. My eyes are tearing up as I write this, no one knows the depths of what I went through when no one was watching. No one knew the piercing pain I felt every morning to get out of bed to pretend all was well. Our pain only lasts a little while. I am immensely grateful for the smile I have today. It wasn’t easy getting here but God knew exactly what I needed. I love my “good good girlfriends”. Thank God for His presence and good friends.