Sharron Battle’s selfiepay™ facial recognition next level mobile app technology

Sharron Battle, Founder/CEO of selfiepay™

The best thing since Apple’s IOS secure mobile operating system, selfiepay™ is the next level for mobile payment structures. Mastermind Sharron Battle‘s selfiepay™ has been created at a time where national security is of the utmost importance and the demand for higher security measures have increased even higher. Dubbed “The Next Steve Jobs”, Sharron looks forward to taking selfiepay™ to the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland and stirring up more competition between the tech companies in attendance. Sharron expressed in a recent interview her commitment to advancing selfiepay™ in the marketplace.

With roots firmly grounded in the “Show Me” state Missouri, Sharron has done just that. With an expansive background in engineering, business strategy and finance, a professional graphic designer, and in the more recent years stepping into the entrepreneurial realm, her well-rounded background is the foundation for much success with mobile payment application selfiepay™. The self-recognition technology behind selfiepay™is reminiscent of futuristic Sci-Fi movies where fingers, hands or eyes were scanned to grant access or to authenticate someone’s identity. True-to-life, nowadays everyone has this technology right at their fingertips literally.

The demands of today’s instantaneous lifestyle, people are accustomed to doing everything on the fly. Well, with this type of lifestyle, the security stakes are higher. Children are learning to use iPads, smart phones and partaking in cyberspace conversations within 140 characters on Twitter with people they probably would never meet in their lifetime. Companies, and even more importantly parents, are investing in security software to limit malicious attacks to none, putting checks and balances into protocol, tightening physical security among other strategic measures.

The timeliness of selfiepay™, facial recognition technology, enhancing everyday payment structures adds another level of security to meet global demands. Consumers are able to take their identity security into their own hands instead of totally relying on companies to be their eyes. According to Sharron, “[selfiepay™] can be used from a mobile device, tablet, watch and interactive TV monitors. Using the combination of facial and iris recognition adds more integrity to the payment process providing close to a 100% confidence level of a person’s identity.”

Sharron Battle is one of few women, let alone minority women, in the technology world.  Her ingenious creation of such a technologically sound mobile payment structure has afforded her and her team a seat at the table with the big boys. November 3 – 5, Sharron and her team will travel to Dublin, Ireland to take part in the Web Summit 2015. There selfiepay™will take centerstage as one of the premier startups to be showcased to the technology world market.

selfiepay™ is not the wave of the future, it is the solution of now. New millennials and techies will grab hold of this next level technology implementing it into their everyday lives. The demand of higher security measures calls for the existence of selfiepay™. Visit the website to learn more about the creator and technology behind selfiepay™. Download the mobile application on GooglePlay (soon to roll out in the Apple Store).


Article originally published on by Latrea Kimberly Morrow


John West’s Bomboard, a modular and ultra portable jet ski

For those who live in the midwest and upper east coast areas the thought of sunny skies, sandy beaches and refreshing blue water is like a mirage in the midst of inches of snow, three layers of clothing and snow boots. Inventor John West has made hitting the beach so much easier for water lovers with his portable jet-skis Bomboard. West talks about his passion for water sports and what inspired him to create Bomboard in a recent interview.

Having a successful 30 year career in high technology, John still longed to create something that would satisfy his passion for water sports and appeal to the younger generation. In his quest to bring his vision to fruition, his experience in technology and as an Officer in the Marines during the Vietnam War gave him the extra determination to keep moving forward. “…One of the things that define an entrepreneur is [what] I call ‘grit’. You gotta have that ‘stick-tuitiveness’ that says ‘I’m going to keep doing this until I get it right.’ I learned that in doing products in the technology industry that sometimes if you do something that’s a true innovation that it takes a lot of tries… There will be plenty of road blocks along the way and there will be a lot of naysayers…if you let that get you down you’ll never do anything,” explained West.

Bomboard is a luxury portable jet-ski that rivals the heavier. and less user-friendly ones. If you take it on vacation or to your local beach, Bomboard will be the envy and rave. What makes this product high-end is that you will not be able to buy it in any specialty store, such as Dicks Sporting Goods, as it will be directly sold to the customer. Body parts are manufactured in the United States while the motor parts will be outsourced abroad. West’s Bomboard couples high-quality with portability, resulting in a successful product. One of the craft’s claims to fame is that it is the first modular jet ski, allowing users to disassemble it and take it on the go without requiring a large vehicle or truck.

He looks to the future of Bomboard in competitive water sports and by creating customized luxury jet-skis to suit riding in white water, the ocean, the river, etc. West envisions people wearing statement gear proudly boasting “I’m a Bomboarder.” The possibilities are limitless and Bomboard is the wave of the future of jet-skis.

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Geir Ness: Pioneer, Perfumer, Philanthropist

Geir Ness: Pioneer, Perfumer, Philanthropist [photo courtesy of Geir Ness; used with permission]
Geir Ness: Pioneer, Perfumer, Philanthropist [photo courtesy of Geir Ness; used with permission]
Humble beginnings, Geir Ness born and raised in Norway, came to the United States with hopes of achieving the “American Dream.” Little did he know, he would intrigue the world with fragrances from his home. Geir, in a recent interview, shares his love for Norway, family and his passion.

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