3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear Corona Virus

There are a few things that we should know about during this time of heightened sense of fear. We must continue to do what we know to do to avoid sickness, stay informed, but not overtly sensitive, and most of all be prepared. We must not allow information overload to crowd our sensibilities and send us into panic mode.

In light of all the news swarming around on the news, social media, and the internet, understand that you must stay focused. Some things we already know to do in case of illness or emergencies. The first thing we must follow is sanitation practices.

There are three processes for avoiding the common cold and blood born diseases which are sanitizing, disinfection, and sterilization. The two that are the most important for us is sanitation and disinfection. Sanitation is when you clean any visible signs of debris. Disinfection is when you are taking cleaning to the next level. Disinfection requires using cleaning supplies (outside of hot water and soap), such as Lysol, Bleach, etc. to kill pathogens. Sterilization is a level of medical cleaning requiring processes that the average person does not have access to use.

The second thing to know is to be informed, but do not allow the information to control you. You should take advantage of the information in the aspect of staying updated of what is going on. Making sure you are not going places or doing things that would put you or other people in risk of exposure to Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Thirdly, be prepared. Go shopping for you and your family’s basic needs for at least a month. Do not go to your local store and buy out the whole shelf and not leave any for others. Make sure you are secure in your apartment or home. If you have to be there for a long period of time without leaving, you need certain things to function on a daily basis.

Overall, stay calm and focused. This is not the first outbreak and it probably will not be the last, however, how you deal with the situation is key. Remember we are in this together. If you have resources that you can share by all means, please share. To reiterate, the three reasons why you should not be afraid of Corona Virus (COVID-19) are the facts that one, you are following proper sanitation and disinfection processes. Two, you are aware of what is going on, but not hypersensitive to the news. Three, you are prepared for you and your family to be isolated for at least a month.

Resources: CDC, World Health Organization, OSHA


Grand Opening: New York and Company Opens its Largest Store in the Chicago Area

New York and Company’s new store made one week old on State Street in downtown Chicago. Boasting stylish pieces from some of the most well-known celebrities to date. Set in the historical Palmer House of old-world elegance, New York and Company sets precedence with a two-story renovated space continuing the tradition of upscale sophisticated looks that transcend time where Carson Pirie Scott left off for the everyday business woman.

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Should Manning retire after Potus tweet?

The score was relatively close up until the end of the 3rd quarter. It could have been anybody’s game. This is where the separation comes in. Who wants the win more? Apparently, the Denver Broncos did. Peyton Manning with the help of his colleagues took the Championship. Now, will Manning take his final bow after such a glorious season?

The atmosphere was abuzz with the anticipation of a smackdown of a game between the Panthers and the Broncos. There was also the question of Peyton Manning’s retirement hanging from everyone’s lips. Who remains standing at the end of this game will perhaps predict if Manning will hang up his cleats or not.

Capitalizing on Cam Newton’s mistakes, Manning and team breezed passed with the win. Cam_Newton_SB50_quoteThe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell presented the Lombardi Trophy to the Broncos, but no real word on Manning’s status. “If this is his last rodeo it’s been a great ride,” Goodell said according to Mike Klis, 9News Reporter. “We thank him for that. It’s been extraordinary performances. What a man. I think he should go out on his own terms. That’s his decision.”

Peyton Manning did not make viewers anymore settled with his response to the Sportcaster’s questioning while accepting the Lombardi Trophy. It seems as if Manning may be leaning towards staying in the league. It is unclear. But after the President of the United States congratulates you in an official tweet, it would make you think that there could be more.

Potus_Tweet_SB50Perhaps, Manning could be questioning himself. If he retires now, what if there are more glory days still left in him? This could be the male psyche playing with his emotions, but whatever it may be that could be keeping him from being forthcoming about his plans has to be something really good.

Well, after the last note of the Star Bangled Banner was sung, the  halftime festivities silenced and the last piece of confetti has been swept from the field, we are still waiting to  hear Peyton Manning’s final decision. It would be great to see a continuation of the 2015-2016 season, but if it must be the end it was great ending to successful season and career. Best wishes to him and his team members.

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Miss Colombia forgives Steve Harvey [video]

One of the worst moments of Steve Harvey’s life has been rectified by Miss Colombia’s forgiveness. What has turned Steve Harvey’s life upside down, over the past few weeks, has finally been put to rest. Death threats, people parking outside his home and all the not-so-funny and funny memes can now cease.

Miss Colombia and Steve Harvey embraced in a consoling hug as both have endured tremendous inner turmoil since the “miss-announcement” of who was to be Miss Universe. Both Ariadna and Steve shed tears of relief and even laughed at their own expense. Miss Colombia broke her silence with forgiveness. If Steve Harvey can man up, own his mistake and make great effort to correct himself; then Miss Colombia show up on Harvey’s show and forgives the man that created a moment in time that could never be erased, why would we continue to drag Steve Harvey through unnecessary issues?

When the President cries: State of the Union

The President’s watery eyes are insight into the souls of American people. The Nation is crying. Violence has ravaged inner-city streets and cracked the foundation of families dismantling the very fiber of American homes. Elitism, regardless of what some may say, has played a huge factor in the sanctioning of tighter gun control. The feud between Republicans and Democrats has invaded President Obama’s tenure. Gridlocked, President Obama exerts executive power. The state of the Union is crisis mode.

One of Obama’s initial Presidential promises was to tighten the sanctions on obtaining guns. The increase in gun related deaths, whether mass shootings, homicides or accidental  child deaths, have risen to a boiling point. Sandy Hook elementary school was one of the worst mass shootings to date.