Miss Colombia forgives Steve Harvey [video]

One of the worst moments of Steve Harvey’s life has been rectified by Miss Colombia’s forgiveness. What has turned Steve Harvey’s life upside down, over the past few weeks, has finally been put to rest. Death threats, people parking outside his home and all the not-so-funny and funny memes can now cease.

Miss Colombia and Steve Harvey embraced in a consoling hug as both have endured tremendous inner turmoil since the “miss-announcement” of who was to be Miss Universe. Both Ariadna and Steve shed tears of relief and even laughed at their own expense. Miss Colombia broke her silence with forgiveness. If Steve Harvey can man up, own his mistake and make great effort to correct himself; then Miss Colombia show up on Harvey’s show and forgives the man that created a moment in time that could never be erased, why would we continue to drag Steve Harvey through unnecessary issues?


Passing the crown; Miss Black Illinois 2015 Pageant


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The legendary Dusable Museum of African American History hosted the 2015 Miss Black Illinois Pageant on Saturday, Oct. 25. Actor Richard Gallion and Gospel House Music Diva Dana Divine were the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Amid the clamour of applause only one of the young women would walk away with the title to represent those who have come before her to lead and set an example for those to come after. Under the tutelage of Tina DeNard, Executive Director of the Miss Black Illinois Scholarship organization, each contestant is groomed to shine regardless of wearing the title. Continue reading “Passing the crown; Miss Black Illinois 2015 Pageant”