Talib Kweli’s music style served straight up

“The masterful work of setting socially charged lyrics to melodic beats has been Talib Kweli’s forte over two decades. While some may find it hard to articulate the concerns that face the African American race, he sees the cause and effect of the systemic oppression as looking through a glass-made house.” Latrea Kimberly Morrow

What Is Love, Anyway?!

“Love isn’t designed to be complicated. It isn’t a maze. Either it exists or it doesn’t.” Melissa Elise Hall (Ms. Missy)


“…in order for you to evolve you have to experience a change. Successful, happy, fulfilled people aren’t stagnant. If you want to move forward, get ready to experience pain. If you want to be better, be stronger, then expect resistance.” Melissa Elise Hall (Ms. Missy)

Relationships 100

“How do you know if a relationship is healthy or not? Whether they be a romantic, familial or friend-based relationship, they serve an important purpose in our lives. It’s crucial that they’re healthy ones.” Melissa Elise Hall (Ms. Missy)

A little story about love…

Love is a very powerful emotion that when used properly it will break chains and mend hearts. I’m sure most of us can recall a few broken hearts and a few warm thoughts of our first love. We anticipate the love from another person and to receive the same love in return. Due to life, love has its ups and…

You Should Be More than Just a Beautiful Face

“It’s not immensely difficult to catch his visual attention. However, it requires something extra on your part, if the goal is to hold his attention beyond sexual stimulation.” One Gentleman

Why Should His Maturity Matter in Your Relationship?

“When a guy experiences an evolution in his maturity, he goes from seeing the world through his perspective alone, to finally realizing that the world is much larger than his point of view.” One Gentleman

“Kanye, I’ll let you finish, but”

“As a Designer who grew up with the dream to become a Fashion Designer I find it extremely insulting when a Rapper without the training, the massive student loans, the sewing ability, the countless sweat and tears and an authentic vision produce a fashion show and get center rack in top department stores just because they can pay their way to the top.” Kai Lee

Give from your heart

“Our willingness to give and be of service to our fellow brother speaks to our love of Christ.” Latrea Kimberly Morrow

Don’t give up!

“Hold on to that little thread of hope seemingly slipping through your fingers. Know that what may appear to be the end is just the beginning.” Latrea Kimberly Morrow

Abuse in Hindsight

Before falling in love, like for real love, I had several notions of what it’d be like. I imagined how happy we’d be, how much we’d enjoy talking with each other throughout the day and how fun our dates would be. Love would find me and usher me into a realm of perfect, blissful living….